Unleash the Power Within (UPW)

5 Key Takeaways I Learned from Unleashing My Inner Power


There are many forks in the proverbial road of life. Each one takes us down a different path. If one small change were made could lead us to an entirely different life. These forks in the road could be an event, a person, or something even more powerful. Something that picks us up and changes the fibers of our souls.


I’ve lived an extraordinary life so far doing many things most people only dream of. My road has had many forks, and I’ve met many great people. This is all thanks to one great crossing, one set of beliefs, and a solid philosophy about optimizing my life and being the hero of my own story.


For me, the major fork in my life’s road was a powerfully spoken man who has been a fork in millions of people’s roads. This man has spoken to countless world leaders, celebrities, athletes, CEOs, and you name it. What was this mysteriously powerful program that changed my life and led me down the path of living life on my terms? Tony’s Robbins Unleash the Power Within!

FULL DISCLOSURE: Please note that I am now an affiliate for Tony Robbins and benefit financially if you decide to purchase through my link.


My Story


I was born and raised in Texas. When you hear this story from most people, it leads you to think you became a general manager at a local department store or an accountant for a small firm. You might think I sit around watching the Cowboys thinking about the last-second touchdown I threw in school. This is far from it, and Tony Robbins taught me the way to change my mindset to live on my terms.


In 1993 I joined the US Navy as an E-1. I moved my way up to E-4, and eventually, I gained my O-1 or commissioned officer rank. The Navy gave me a great opportunity that was there for the taking. I needed that boost to grab that opportunity and create the life I live today.


In 1997, I finally got that kick in the pants. I was traveling across the USA on a 3-month sabbatical. While traveling, I began doing some real soul-searching. I picked up Tony Robbins’ “Personal Power” and listened while I traveled. I COULDN’T believe what this man had to say. He wasn’t one of those late nights, “Buy my tapes” guys. The strategies I got from this program changed me forever.


This trip was a fork in the road for me. My life changed dramatically. The way I looked at my Navy career changed. How I decided to spend the rest of my life changed. From this point on, I live how I want to live. Not how I’m expected to live. I put my happiness, success, and life ahead of the pack. This has made me a more giving and happier person.


What happened next? I took full advantage of the opportunity the Navy gave me. I traveled and experienced life. I was a digital nomad before it was even a term! I took assignments in every country they offered. I took assignments in every state in the US they offered. I traveled, and I lived.


For almost two decades, I continued to travel and take the opportunities the Navy gave me. I retired on the last day of 2016 as a Lieutenant Commander (O-4). Most would have settled down by now. I couldn’t. Tony Robbins lit a fire in me, a passion, to never stop living my life. Now I travel and live how I’m meant to. I created a digital nomad life. You can do this too.


My initial experience with putting the wisdom of Tony Robbins into practice in my life paid off. I studied his talks and courses. I read his books. Every day of personal freedom I saw, that I needed more. This was the incentive to check out his “Unleash the Power Within” I learned so much more from this that I need to share it with anyone willing to change for their personal freedom.


When you leave the Navy, what do you plan on doing? Where do you plan to go? Are you going to work for a private security job? Or are you going to start an agency? Will you go to work on the family farm? Or will you start a family business? This choice is up to you.

You have the power to change your life, starting with the essential mindset and habits that build your day to either be mediocre or excellent.


Until Tony Robbins, I thought I would live this type of life. I have visited every state in the US. I’ve traveled to countless countries between the Navy and after retirement. While I’m writing this article, I’m on a 26-country overland tour in Africa! It’s a good idea, no it’s a great idea, to check out Tony Robbins’ “Unleash the Power Within”


Key Points of “Unleash the Power Within”


To get the full bang for your buck with “Unleash the Power Within,” you need to check out the program. The realization that all of the power required for your life resides within yourself–as I’ve stated already—is the foundation, the starting place, the catalyst. By now you’re probably thinking, “Oh, this all sounds too easy. It’s too good to be true if all of my problems are solved with such simplicity.” The fact is, only realizing this is not the end of the matter. It isn’t “that easy,” and I would never tell someone that it is. One must implement daily practices and positive routines, which further encourage this daily discovery. For it is, no doubt, a daily practice. A person must devote and dedicate themselves to the continued realization and empowerment of the internal resources that fuel the power we speak of. If this is not practiced, the fruits will not be experienced.


One of the main achievements of UPW, once the foundation is established, is to provide each attendee with a framework that can be applied daily to live out this reality each and every day. I speak with such confidence concerning this because I have experienced it.


Fear is the Root of Stress and Procrastination


Fear is the root of why we don’t, not can’t, live up to our full potential, and live how we want to. We fear and worry, that we won’t be good enough for our goals or the people in our lives. This causes stress, and we stop moving towards our goals. We have to harness that fear and learn to eliminate the fear. It’s nonsense, and it can’t control you. Think about how much more of your life you’ll enjoy without that stress and fear. You are good enough, and you are loved.


Use the Dickens Process


We usually get conditioned with a set of beliefs that limit us. Those beliefs have negative consequences on our lives, and the longer we hold on to those beliefs, the longer we go without living the life we want. What is the Dickens Process?


Write the beliefs that are holding you back down. Cross those beliefs out. Rewrite new and empowering beliefs. Live by those beliefs from now on. Go and win the day.


In this seminar, Tony walks attendees through a step-by-step process of self-discovery; a step-by-step unleashing of your own, newly discovered power within. The process that is laid out is one that guides the individual toward the discovery of what a person can do for him/herself, not what Tony, me, or anyone else can do for you. The process is one in which many layers and shells are shed to find the only place where real power can be found.


Create Lasting Change


To live the life you want, YOU need to make changes. And YOU need to make those changes sustainable. There are three beliefs to creating lasting change. It must change NOW; I must change NOW, I can change NOW. By living these beliefs, you can change your life and live your life.


Don’t Doubt the Power of Outstanding


The next time someone asks you how you’re doing, tell them outstanding. Anything less than that is BS. By harnessing the power of positive emotions, you start to feel more and more in control. You begin to see the opportunity in problems. You stop letting fear hold you back. This is the beginning of your self-empowering beliefs that will get you what you want.


Gratitude Builds Positive Emotions


When you wake up, don’t think about how stressful the day will be, remember stress = fear, close your eyes, visualize the things that make you happy, and express genuine gratitude. Is it your kids, your job, the sunshine, whatever it is to use that to build positivity through appreciation?




Creating the life you want and deserve is possible with small changes in your mindset, beliefs, and how you take care of your body. The points I wrote about above are just a few of the things you can do to start your new life. To get the full benefits, you need the whole presentation. If you’re ready to grow and live, click here today! I can’t wait to hear your story.


Until then—


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