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The Legacy of Kelly Beamsley in Navy Reservist Support

Kelly Beamsley is a former Navy Reserve Lieutenant Commander who played a crucial role in simplifying and centralizing information for Navy Reservists. Graduating from high school in 1993, he enlisted in the Navy, rose to Petty Officer Second Class, and later joined the Navy Reserve, earning a promotion and eventually obtaining a Direct Commission in 2000.

Frustrated by the complex and opaque processes involved in the Reserve Direct Commission Officer (DCO) program, Beamsley created the website Initially met with resistance, the site grew to become a valuable resource, especially during Beamsley’s time as a reserve officer recruiter in Fort Worth, Texas.

The recruiting website evolved from 140 web pages to a single user-friendly resource page. It addresses various Navy-related topics, providing links, pay charts, evaluation tips, award writing resources, family care plan help, DTS instructions, and more. The site has garnered over 3,000 daily visits, even after Beamsley’s retirement in 2016.

Beamsley’s dedication to supporting Navy members is evident in his continuous updates to the site, which he manages solo, with expenses totaling around $27 a month. He emphasizes the value of helping individuals navigate the Navy system more efficiently, with positive feedback ranging from gratitude for simplifying Navy life to instances of sailors recognizing him for assisting in their DCO Commission.

In summary, Kelly Beamsley’s contribution as an information pioneer has significantly eased the lives of Navy Reservists, showcasing the power of an individual’s initiative in enhancing organizational efficiency. His commitment to supporting the Navy community through a centralized online platform reflects a unique and valuable service.

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